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October 12th, 2021

Nominate a Deserving Houstonian!

Meet Erin Cummings, owner of YESyoga in Sugar Land. The studio is celebrating its 3rd Birthday with a heartwarming giveaway, and you can help nominate the winner.


16140 City Walk
Sugar Land

To celebrate the 3rd Birthday of YESyoga in Sugar Land, we're getting to know the woman behind the boutique yoga studio. Meet Erin Cummings, pictured, owner and instructor at YESyoga in Sugar Land. 

Giveaway alert! Instead of throwing a party, YESyoga is honoring a deserving community member recipient to celebrate their milestone. The winner will receive a complimentary 6 month yoga membership with babysitting, new yoga merchandise to sport to class, and much more. See below.

Congrats on three years, Erin! What makes YESyoga unique?
YES is unique because it’s not just about how you move, but what your purpose is. We focus on movement and lifestyle practices so that you can say YES to things in life like getting that new job, having hard conversations with friends or family, or taking time to write that book you always wanted. Movement is a great way to see what emotions feel like in your body so that you know when you create success off your mat.

What's your proudest moment to date? 
Definitely our upcoming birthday. COVID has been really tough on us, so I’ve tried to celebrate the small wins along the way. However, it’s always a proud moment when a client smashes their goal on or off the mat.

What was your background before YESyoga?
I was in commercial leasing! Honestly, one day, I’d love to go back... I still have a small real estate side hustle because I’m obsessed!

Finish this sentence... Yoga makes a woman feel______. 

Favorite pose?
Standing forward fold. SOOOOO GOOOOOD.

Most challenging pose for you?
Anything to do with shoulder flexibility, YUCK! I struggle with shoulder flexibility, it’s something I have to really practice at.

Most popular YESyoga class?
The Sunday Burn or the Friday Clear!

Bust three misconceptions about yoga.
Yoga isn’t just for flexible people and it isn’t just stretching. You go to the gym to build muscle, and you come to yoga to lengthen the muscles. Yoga isn’t boring, you just haven’t found your perfect class/teacher. Yoga isn’t just POSES, there is so much more to yoga than just down-dog and warrior two! Yoga has eight limbs, and poses are actually just one part of the practice.

What’s on your studio playlist?
My playlist is crazy. I have anything from covers to Britney, Incubus, Axwell and Krishna Das. I also love playing music from powerhouse women like Whitney Houston, Adele, Beyoncé, and some that are not so popular like Maggie Rogers and Mogli.

Daily uniform?
My best yoga blacks! Black Wunder Under or Align lululemon leggings and my black YESyoga tank. All black all the time.

Yoga accessories you can't live without? 
My new bala bangle weights. They are perfect to add strength training to a yoga class or just some added weights for walks.

Tip for a quickie workout on days when we can't fit in a class?
Do something short! There’s no need to try and get a 60-minute workout in. If you can do an intentional 15-minute workout and actually be focused that is so much better than doing an unfocused 60-minute workout.

When you're not at YESyoga, how do you exercise?
I’m usually using my Peloton, otherwise walking to and from my kiddos' school.

Celebrate YESyoga's 3rd Birthday Giveaway! YESyoga is honoring a deserving community member recipient to celebrate its milestone. The winner will receive a complimentary 6 month yoga membership with babysitting, new yoga merchandise to sport to class, a personal locker to store their belongings, a VIP movie night experience on the green in Sugar Land Town Square and a gift card to Vino & Vinyl.

Learn more and nominate someone here. Nominations close Oct 24 and winner is announced Oct 25 on Instagram.


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