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August 11th, 2021

Happy Birthday, Miranda Bennett!

Our August birthday girl is local designer Miranda Bennett. Each month we celebrate a local entrepreneur on her special day.

Happy birthday! How are you celebrating this year?
Thank you! Small gatherings outside and lots of fresh flowers.

How many candles are you blowing out? 

Daily uniform? 
The Everyday Dress! A full coverage hat for sun protection, Grecian-inspired sandals and a grown-up purse. 

Morning ritual? 
The Morning Newsletter from the NY Times (which is not complete until I've found the pangram), strong tea, cuddles with my husband and dog, reviewing my calendar and set some intentions for the day, then taking my dog to a nearby green space to burn off some energy before the day gets too hot and start to fly by.

Always in your work bag. 
Muji Pins for writing and sketching, a notebook, a moisturizing facial mist, lip balm, hand sanitizer, Altoids, MBS Zero Waste scrunchies, a spare KN95, sunnies and headphones. 

Colors and fabrics you're excited to share this fall. 
Madder Root! A bright, vibrant red that is truly wearable and Walnut, a hushed tan that looks mind blowingly chic on our newer fabric, Cotton Lyocell. (I think of it as denim's lighter, cooler cousin).

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, what's the best setting for a Miranda Bennett dress? 
Breakfast: The patio at Summer House where I am chowing down on their otherworldly baked goods (everything on the menu is a winner) or Hillside Farmacy for a luscious coffee. Wearing: the MBS Morrison Dress

Lunch: Aba for their spread sampler, exquisite potatoes and fresh seafood or Paperboy for their avocado tostada and an iced Dirty Chai. Wearing: The MBS Lewis Dress.
Dinner: Parkside for oysters and their farm-to-table fare or Texas French Bread for a cozy and seasonal menu that never disappoints (plus a boule of Pan de pan de Campagne for the road). Wearing: The MBS Wrap Top & Palazzo Pant.
Podcasts and series you're addicted to. 
Call Your Girlfriend, Hey Girl, How I Built This, Woke Beauty, and Born Into This.
What's your sign?  
Leo Sun, Pisces Rising, Libra Moon!  I relate to the fierce loyalty, feline vibes and love of pleasure in Leo, the sensitivity to others and the creative spark of Pisces and the-seeing-all sides of Libra.
Photo: Kelly DeWitt 

Want to be the next Tidbits Birthday Girl? Tell us why at submissions-austin@gotidbits.com.

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