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May 11th, 2021

Your Hair's New Best Friend

Take anywhere, use anytime. Created by a hair stylist, entrepreneur and athlete, Boss Gloss is your new go-to for a deep conditioning treatment without putting life on pause.

If multi-tasking were an Olympic sport, you'd have a gold medal. 

Life is busy—simplify it with Boss Gloss, your new self-care beauty solution (discount below). Created by local Shandi Nichelle, the signature luxury, organic, deep conditioning oil is a hair game-changer. Designed to completely moisturize, balance your scalp and repair your ends, the dream product is applied to dry dirty hair before you slick it back in a bun, sleep on it or even have a full go-get-em day including a workout. After washing, you'll discover thicker, fuller and shinier hair. Completely sustainable and sourced from organic family farms, the benefits are tenfold. 

Sure to be your crowning achievement. 

Use code NEWBOSS for 10% off your first order of Boss Gloss, which hires human trafficking survivors to provide them with a safe, supportive work place to thrive through employment.

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