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June 11th, 2019

Where To Cacti One On

We're giving Tillage plant shop two green thumbs up.


Tillage Plants
2202 Broadway
San Antonio

It's time to face facts: that major growth spurt you were hoping to achieve later in life isn't going to happen. 

Turn your focus towards the things that continue to reach new heights at Tillage. The darling female-owned plant shop and nursery is where you'll surround yourself with a bounty of greens for your enjoyment and adoption. Drop by the horticulture haven to peruse a selection of succulents, cacti, palms and hanging plants like the sweet string of pearls, as well as a colorful arrangement of pots - including one with pink desert vibes - to pair with them. The fourth-generation plant lover behind the lovely leaves also offers customized cultivation services. 

There's no shortness of opportunities. 


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