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January 7th, 2020

A Toast To Your Health

Fill up on the good stuff at Main Squeeze Juice Co.

Your King Cake hangover this week has been a wake-up call that a little balance goes a long way.

Find it at Main Squeeze Juice Co. and their newly launched menu of healthy toasts. The range aims to please all palates - avocado, spicy avocado, peanut butter banana and almond berry. Each delish option is served on gluten-free, vegan bread making them a powerhouse, guilt-free meal. Best of all, the price point is purse friendly with two slices for under six bucks. Throw in a gulp of their recently added celery juice for good measure or a specialty coffee "fueled" with brain octane oil. 

Because we're really all just riding the good health teeter totter. 

Photo: Randy P. Schmidt

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