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November 2nd, 2018

A Splash From The Past

An ode to lazy days at Pontchartrain Beach, local jewelry designer Sarah Ott launches a new revival of a classic souvenir.

Most of your vintage pieces are reserved for cocktail hour.

For a more low-key reminder of the glory days gone by, you'll love the new commemorative P.O.P. bracelet from local designer Sarah Ott. A nostalgic nod to the "pay one price" amusement park bracelets of your youth, the accessories are available in black, navy, red or pink and come with a sterling silver pendant that's a shout-out to Pontchartrain Beach. The jewelry is inspired by the artist's childhood memories and serve as a shout-out to local A-listers Bryan Batt and Katy Danos' new book, Ponchartrain Beach: A Family Affair. (Batt's grandfather founded the iconic amusement park.)

Make lemonades out of heirlooms. 

Bracelets available at Sarah Ott boutique and Hazelnut. Book available at Hazelnut.

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