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October 12th, 2021

The Great Botox Giveaway

It's The Great Botox Giveaway from SBA Dermatology, where Dr. Madeleine Gantz and the rest of the team have been voted top dermatologist office two years in a row by the Houston Chronicle.

When you're wearing a mask, all you notice are the crow's feet around your eyes. When you're wearing sunglasses, your smile crinkles are on full display.

It may be time for a little tweaking. Win big this month with The Great Botox Giveaway from SBA Dermatology. With 50 FREE units ($800 value), you can get a full facial treatment that not only refreshes your look but stops wrinkles in their tracks. SBA Dermatology is a full service, woman-founded practice that staffs the best of the best to help you achieve your skin goals with top tier treatments and services customized specifically to your features. 

Step aside fine lines. 

The Great Botox Giveaway is open to anyone new to SBA Dermatology. $800 value and no purchase necessary. Enter to win The Great Botox Giveaway!

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