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May 27th, 2020

All That Lightwells Ends Well

When you're stuck at home, Lightwell Co. makes it pretty.

Your kitchen is as messy as the Alison Roman-Chrissy Teigen drama.
Clean up your space, while clearing your mind, with Lightwell Co. Handmade in Houston and carried by big deal retailers like West Elm, the apothecary line has the kind of minimalist packaging you'll want to redecorate around. Consider fragrances like teakwood, santal, citrus and fir, and black tea and mandarin. The sleek tumblers can be repurposed to hold your kitchen essentials, but the double wick will probably burn longer than your new-found cooking phase. 
Leaving you plenty of time to stew on the gossip. 
Available locally at Birch Modern Mercantile and Forth and Nomad. Lightwell Co. is also carried by West Elm

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