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November 1st, 2010

Buns in the Oven

Bernie's Burger Bus and Moon Tower Inn have dressed up the standard burger and dog.

Want fries with that? With homemade condiments and gourmet wine-based ingreds, these dressed-up burgers and hot dogs are worth the wait.

The bright yellow Bernie's Burger Bus rolls up to bars to serve made-from-scratch burgers with premium beef and local cheddar. Sink your teeth into The Principal or The Bully – organic sides and add-ons are referred to as Electives and Extracurricular Activities.

At Moon Tower Inn in EaDo (get it? the laaaaid-back hangout in _Dazed and Confused_), there's plenty of backyard seating. Sip a Bombshell Blonde beer while the hipsters grill your artisan wild game wieners, served on Slow Dough pretzel buns. Specialties include the Velvet Elkis (port, pear and elk) and the Bambi (venison, red wine and blueberry).

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