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February 24th, 2021

A Book And A Bucket List

Cult-followed Instagram feed Accidentally Wes Anderson grows into a book, the perfect gift for film fanatics and wanderlust-seeking adventurers.

There are certain aesthetics you can spot a mile away as a signature statement. 

Born from the synonymous cult-followed Instagram account, Accidentally Wes Anderson is now a book. Wally Koval's coffee table accessory takes you on a 300-page journey to far-off places that celebrate the distinctive vibe and undeniably cool style of the native Texan. Expect color-saturated spots that are oh-so-Wes, some as close as an American Fireworks outpost in Bastrop and the Central Fire Station in Marfa, plus a foreword by the film director himself. Part travel guide, pages are peppered with background details on quirky gems caught by 180 globe-trotting adventurers and photographers.

Inspo for your next grand Budapest adventure.

Photo: @katy_louise_blog

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